Skin Aging Faster Than You’d Like? This May Be Why.

Skin aging has been linked to varied factors such as sunlight, smoking, and exposure to free radicals. It would appear, however, that all of these factors have one common denominator.

aging skinInflammation and the Skin

Chronic inflammation is a dangerous condition that has been associated with numerous health risks and aging factors. Although inflammatory responses are natural and healthy in cases of injury or illness, chronic inflammation causes the immune system to damage healthy cells, including skin cells. This condition can be caused by:

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Harmful habits such as smoking, overeating, or too much alcohol intake
  • Over-exposure to the sun
  • Over-exposure or ingestion of toxins
  • Chronic illness or infection
  • Stress

As you can see, many of the factors that have been associated with aging are also causes of inflammation. Studies show that any or all of these elements can create inflammatory conditions that damage skin cells. The good news is, there are ways to treat these effects. Through a combination of healthy lifestyle choices and holistic skincare, you can slow down the skin aging process.

Double Helix Water and Inflammation

Promoting Healthy Skin

One effective treatment for chronic inflammation is Double Helix Water. Also known as stable water clusters, this novel phase of water has a remarkable effect on inflammation and the human body as a whole. Various experiments using infrared technology demonstrate how consumption of stable water clusters quickly and effectively soothes inflamed areas of the body. Double Helix Water, along with a few healthy lifestyle changes, can vastly decrease inflammation levels.

Along with efforts to decrease inflammation, you can also try all-natural topical products to enrich the skin from the outside-in. One package from Martine Pure & Simple combines the power of Double Helix Water with organic essential oils for an integrated approach to skin health. A few of the key ingredients in this age-defying skin care line include:

  • Potassium oleate (derived from organic sunflower oil) – high in essential fatty acids. Helps to moisturize and also increases the production of collagen.
  • Potassium cocoate (derived from organic coconut oil) – contains rich natural fats that are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply to plump up cells, helping to maintain a smooth and youthful appearance.
  • Organic glycerin – a humectant that leaves your skin hydrated and can increase the solubility of other ingredients.
  • Potassium palm kernelate (derived from palm oil) – an antioxidant that is also high in essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.
  • Sea salt – can promote proper blood circulation in the skin and clean, healthy pores.
  • Lavender essential oils – packed with antioxidants that promote healing and fight the effects of toxins.
  • Vitamin E – another antioxidant that promotes the circulation of blood to the skin and the nourishment of cells.
  • Peppermint – produces a calming effect on dry, irritated skin.
  • Witch hazel – a powerful antiseptic with antiviral and antibacterial qualities.

Learn more about Martine Pure & Simple’s Age Defying Package and other all-natural skincare products in the Living Clean Store. You can also read more about promoting skin health on the Living Clean blog:

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