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Ascorbate is a natural source of vitamin C that is derived from vegetables. It does not require added buffers, such as sodium or magnesium, because it is naturally buffered in its purest form. When held in comparison to the C vitamin in oranges (ascorbic acid), ascorbate is reported to be equal in strength.*

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Ascorbate, a natural source of Vitamin C, is derived from vegetable sources. It does not require added buffers, such as calcium or magnesium, because it is naturally buffered in its pure form. When compared to the Vitamin C in oranges (ascorbic acid), ascorbate has been shown to be equal in strength. There is only one big difference:

  • Ascorbate from vegetables is naturally buffered for easy absorption.
  • Ascorbic acid from fruit is not naturally buffered, making it acidic and occasionally upsetting to the stomach.

The most common sources of Vitamin C are fruits like lemons and oranges. This type provides ascorbic acid, which can be a little harsh on the body system in its purest form. This is why it requires buffers to be absorbed calmly and easily.

Rich’s Vitamin C Ascorbate also contains other vitamins and supplements to promote a healthy body. Find out how you can take Vitamin C with MSM to improve your overall health.*

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Each 1000mg contains the following: Calcium (Ascorbate) 17.6 mg Magnesium (Ascorbate) 18.2 mg Potassium (Ascorbate) 4.5 mg Zinc (Ascorbate) 0.9 mg Zinc (l-Aspartate) 0.9 mg Manganese (l-Aspartate) 590 mcg Molybdenum (l-Aspartate) 12.5 mcg Vanadium (l-Aspartate) 12.5 mcg Chromium (Polynicotinate GTF) 12 mcg Selenium (l-Methionate) 12.5mcg Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 60 mg Vitamin C (Poly C Ascorbates) 440 mg MSM 140 MG




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