• American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is considered to be especially nourishing to the skin, stomach, and lungs (which is where its reputation for increasing endurance comes from). It is an adaptogenic herb, providing alertness, energy, and adaptability.*

    This single herb tincture is bottled in amber glass and available in many sizes. The one-, two-, and four-ounce bottles each include a glass dropper.

  • Herbal adaptogen - instant energy without caffeine. Contains cacao, a mild stimulant, and energizing herbs. Not recommended before bed time.        
  • Shakti Chai PowerBoost with Adaptogens

    Use as a healthy alternative to coffee for an all-natural, daily energy booster. May be blended hot or cold or into smoothies or shakes. Contains herbal caffeine, Cacao, and other herbal stimulants. Not recommended before bed time.