Books containing information about and related to Double Helix Water. Includes both eBooks, and paperback books.

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    3 Bottles of Double Helix Water Double Helix Water Book & 3 Bottles Double Helix Water
    This classic book by David L. Gann and Shui Yin Lo describes the adventure of discovering Stable Water Clusters:  Double Helix Water: Has the 200-year-old mystery of homeopathy been solved? This package includes the book plus 3 of the new bottles of Double Helix Water®, the most potent and concentrated formula ever, with 37% more Stable Water Clusters per bottle.
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    Double Helix Water Water
    Package includes:
    • 3 Bottles of Double Helix Water®
    • 1 Bottle of Double Helix Rose Water Facial Spray Mist with Stable Water Clusters
    • 1 Jar of Double Helix Water Face & Eye Cream (formerly Double Helix Cream)
    • 1 Double Helix Water® Booklet Digital Download
    • 1 Rehydration Protocol Digital Download
  • In an easy-to-read summary, David Gann and his research partner present their groundbreaking research into a previously-undiscovered molecular phase of water, which they have named Double Helix Water. With their Genesis Phase of water, they claim to have uncovered the underlying mechanism of how water forms a solid particle at room temperature; thereby, they explain many of the mysteries of alternative health practices. Research into the atomic structure of the water molecule is presented in a simplified and understandable manner, complete with photos. The reader is effortlessly led through miles of physical and chemical jungles. Tackling head-on the 50-year conflict between allopathic and homeopathic medicine, Gann and Lo shed light on both sides. Laboratory experiments are explained in layman''s terms, thereby allowing a person with no physics background to understand the mechanism underlying homeopathy. Their research into the water molecule is a fascinating read that explains the mysteries of homeopathy and introduces a needed paradigm shift ushering in a new age of an inexpensive, safe, and truly workable healthcare system.