Eric Zimmer Dance Workout DVD


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The Dance Workout – dance fitness at its best

A fresh approach to exercise from a dancer’s perspective.

Serving up a lively assortment of conditioning exercises based on classical ballet, Pilates and traditional fitness. These exercises flow to music and have been designed to restore alignment, balance, flexibility and strength from the “inside out.” You don’t have to have any special training or previous dance experience to enjoy this class. Put your best foot forward and come experience a fresh new look at exercise from a dancer’s perspective!

Appropriate for all levels


  • Warm up and cool down
  • 9 ballet-based exercises
  • 3  Pilates-based exercises
  • 2  Active stretching sequences


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Eric Zimmer Dance Workout DVD Front Cover

Eric Zimmer Dance Workout DVD

The latest in dance and fitness DVDs, expressly designed for those looking for new and innovative ways to improve posture and develop a strong, graceful body without sacrificing mobility and function.  Created and produced by professional dancer and internationally acclaimed personal trainer, Eric Zimmer, this 45 minute workout promotes the core principles of ballet, Pilates and fitness, combining them into a vibrant blend of exercise and artistic expression. Requiring just an arm span of space and simple equipment, Eric Zimmer: Dance Workout is highly adaptable and portable, all the way from warm-up through cool-down.   Much care and expertise has gone into the design of this workout program, inviting both fitness enthusiasts as well as those trained in dance to reap the benefits of exercise in a stimulating and unique new format.  All levels and abilities will benefit from this workout and enjoy the results of total body fitness..  from a dancer’s perspective!

About Eric Zimmer

Highly educated in exercise science and professionally trained in dance, Eric Zimmer brings a vast understanding of the body to the arena of Health and Human Performance.  For the past 20 years he has built a successful career as a personal trainer, stage actor, choreographer, model, dance choreographer and performer of many styles of dance.  His skills as a teacher and mentor have inspired a diverse array of students and clientele, who have described his style of instruction as “inviting, dynamic, passionate and gifted.”  His varied background and unique approach have been notably effective in promoting the core principles of fitness through the artistic lens of music and performance.  A common theme in Eric’s movement philosophy is his attention to quality of movement and the emphasis on efficiency over blunt effort.   The results of his dance and fitness programs prove that strength and grace can coexist, that performance in the gym or on stage or in sport is optimized when a body is relaxed and fluid, perfectly poised for the demands of success.  Eric currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he offers continuing education to individuals, groups, and associated professionals in the areas of health, fitness, and dance.

As taught in the following locations:

Portland, Oregon

  • Bridgetown Swing 2013
  • Ankeny Street Studios
  • Viscount Dance Studios
  • Trainer’s Club Lake Oswego
  • Lakewood Center for the Arts
  • Center for Movement Arts
  • Northwest Academy
  • Rumba Y Cache – Dance Company
  • Club Swing – Dance Company

Medford, Oregon

  • Evergreen Dance Center
  • The Firehouse dance space

Bend, Oregon

  • Dance N’ Play, 2013

Vancouver, Washington

  • Rose City Salsa Festival 2012
  • Rose City Salsa Festival 2013

Atlanta, Georgia

  • “Wicked Westies” Swing Dance Event February 2013

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Produced by Eric Zimmer and Flowline, LLC Cover Photos: Timothy Park Videography: Studio 13



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1 review for Eric Zimmer Dance Workout DVD

  1. Penelope

    I have been doing this workout for a long time, and it is absolutely transformational. In my opinion it can be an excellent workout for anyone, from an advanced dancer to a complete beginner, or even someone who has not exercised in years (as I was when I started). I know for a fact that the workout is used successfully and routinely by both.

    It is unique in that it is suitable and useful for such a wide range of body types and situations. Additionally, these exercises are tailored to assist the body to gain strength, balance, and flexibility without damage to the joints, ligaments, etc.

    If you are training wish to train in dance, it is a great start and supplement to such training. For women who want to get into better shape without developing bulky muscles or an unattractive physique, it is perfect, and will help you to develop a dancer’s body as opposed to that of an athlete. I have attended numerous workout classes over the years but this one is by far my favorite. It keeps me coming back, and I never find myself looking at the clock wishing it were over.

    I would recommend this workout for anyone, young and old, experienced and inexperienced.

    The video itself is also well-made and easy to follow.

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