Black Walnut Hull Capsules, 300 Mg, 50 Capsules


Freeze-dried green hulls of the black walnut tree, combined with peppermint leaves to aid digestion, in gelatine capsules.

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Freeze-dried capsules of the green black walnut hull is used in parasite cleanses. Although black walnut is also available as a tincture, the advantage of capsules is that they are free of alcohol.

Green black walnut hull gets its name from the fact that the black walnuts are harvested from the tree while they are still green.

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Dr. Clark Research Association Purity Testing

The Walnut and the Parasite


Parasites and Disease

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Weight 2 oz
Directions / Suggested Use

Adults and children 12 or more years of age, 1 capsule daily or as directed


Freeze-dried green black walnut hulls; Peppermint leaves; Gelatine capsules



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