Ultra Pure Botanicals® is the manufacturer of skin care products made from natural, nontoxic ingredients, and free of harmful synthetic chemicals.

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    Love your baby bump, all the way through pregnancy, with this soothing belly butter! Apply as much as you want, as often as you want, to keep your belly soft and happy. Great for calming itchy tummies. Don’t Scratch! Rub on some Happy Mommy Tummy Butter. Made by mothers, for mothers.
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    Baby Balm

    Nobody likes thirsty patches or itchy heads! This balm is made specifically to soothe tough-to-keep-hydrated spots on baby’s sensitive skin and head. Made with natural coconut oil, Double Helix Water,® and a drop of calming essential oils.
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    Keep your baby’s skin soft, healthy, squeezable, and kissable! With the tiniest bit of gentle cleanser, a drop of soothing essential oils, and the use of a patented hydro-nano-technology, this is a soothing and comforting cleansing spritz to clean up the stickiest of hands and dirtiest of heinies.  

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