Shakti Chai with Adaptogens 5oz frontShakti Decaf 5oz front

Q: How much of the Shakti Chai Powerboost and Shakti Chai Decaf tea blends are made up of adaptogens?

A: Adaptations make up about 15% of the tea blend, which is a 10:1 or 10x concentrate – altogether a very potent mixture. In addition to the 17 adaptogens within Shakti Chai, the tea also contains 15% maca root extract, which is a powerful adaptogen on its own. The remaining is composed of chai spices, cacao, coconut sugar, roasted dandelion, barley, and rye.

Q: Since the dosage is only 1-2 teaspoons, is one daily cup enough to make a real difference?

A: Yes, the suggested use is 2 teaspoons, twice daily (but not too close to bedtime). While this dosage is definitely effective to boost your mood and energy levels, some prefer a full tablespoon serving size (3 teaspoons) for a stronger and richer effect.

Q: What is the difference between Shakti Chai Powerboost and Shakti Chai Decaf?

A: The PowerBoost (herbal caffeine) blend in the Shakti Chai Powerboost is 5% by volume. Some people enjoy a mild caffeine boost from this alone, while others prefer to add the blend into their regular coffee for an even stronger, yet more balanced, effect.

Shakti Chai Decaf does contain a little more cacao since it does not have the PowerBoost herbal caffeine blend. All of the adaptogens within the original Shakti Chai are present in this mixture, with the exception of caffeine-containing yerba mate and guarana.

Q: Are these teas gluten free?

A: Yes, Golden Lotus Chai Teas are gluten free, due to the hot water extraction process that separates out non-soluble gluten fractions.

Q: Should I drink the dregs on the bottom of the cup to get the most benefits, or is it just infused like a tea?

A: Small amounts of soluble cacao can settle to the bottom, and these can be reduced by periodic stirring. Remaining small amounts of sediment are from the freshly ground whole spices. These are not necessary to consume since their active benefits have already been extracted in the hot water by the time the tea is drunk.