It’s time for our quarterly review of new Living Clean products for a wholesome, healthy lifestyle. This edition is all about the books! Have you done any healthy reading lately? Get your literary on with these enlightening finds:

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children

By Suzanne Gross and Sally Fallon Morell

Beautifully illustrated, this kid-friendly cookbook focuses on the wholesome benefits of ancient foods like organ meats, butter, eggs, unprocessed grains, and vegetables. Through these illustrated recipes, children and parents can learn about healthy cooking and enjoy some important bonding time in the process.

Cancer - Step Outside the Box

Cancer – Step Outside the Box

By Ty Bollinger

From the author, “I am optimistic that this book will serve as a concise, yet comprehensive, source of information on the intricate and reprehensible politics of cancer and help readers make informed decisions concerning nutrition, cancer prevention, and alternative cancer treatment protocols.”

Parasites - The Hidden Cause of Many DIseases

Parasites – The Hidden Cause of Many Diseases

By Alan E. Baklayan, ND

Creepy, yet poignant. This book delves into the dastardly parasitic creatures that are probably crawling around inside you right now. What they are, what they’re doing to your health, and how to get rid of them; all of these topics are covered in Baklayan’s book about parasites.

The Cure for HIV and AIDS

The Cure for HIV and AIDS

By Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark

This books tells the true causes of HIV and AIDS, including data from Africa, and provides exact instructions for their cure. With 68 case histories plus simple instructions for making homeographic medicines, an electronic circuit that zaps viruses, and a two-week rapid rescue program for advanced AIDS.


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