Looking for a solution for psoriasis can be a lifelong, frustrating search for some. The reason you might feel like you are banging your head against the wall with this disorder is that it is an auto-immune disorder. That means that it is your own immune system that is fighting you. In the case of psoriasis, the system keeps making cells that pile up on top of each other on your skin, creating little crusty bumps that sometimes itch and certainly can hurt and bleed if you scratch the crust off hard enough.

Are There Solutions for Psoriasis?

That depends on what you mean when you say, “a solution.” If you mean a magic bullet  (a pill, a specific regimen, correcting a particular nutritional deficiency, or using a particular topical product or herb), then… no. Auto-immune disorders seem to crop up in people with many disparate problems and defects, so the handling for one person will not be the handling for another. That’s why you can go on forums and see lots of different people shouting out their successful, but all different, “cures.”

What Does the Liver Have to Do With It?

Your liver carries out many essential functions, and one of them is to deal with toxic materials that enter your body. This brave organ will try to detoxify them or remove them or wall them off some way or other, to keep the toxins away from the rest of your body. If the liver has been overwhelmed, then parts of it may not function well anymore, and you will be more susceptible to toxins.

Your immune system has a lot to do, as well, and if there are too many toxins, it works hard to protect you from them. Overwhelmed by too many toxins that didn’t get handled by an overworked liver, it gets kind of crazy and overdoes it, fighting against your own cells, as if they were enemies.

Therefore, when you have auto-immune disorders, be kind to your liver, as if it were your best friend.

Herbs to Help the Liver

A good combination of herbs is available in Liver Support Tea, by the Dr. Clark Research Association.