An orange ginger aromatherapy combination is a great pairing of scents and healing properties. Commercial preparations include Orange Ginger Aromatherapy Body Essence, Orange Ginger Volumizing Shampoo, Orange Ginger Volumizing Conditioner, Orange Ginger Body Wash, Orange Ginger Body Lotion, Orange Ginger Soy Wax Candles, Orange Ginger Aromatherapy hand soap and orange ginger aromatherapy oil.

With this broad selection of products, you may not need to make your own, but others will want the enjoyment of creating just the right blend of the two beneficial ingredients in the perfect carrier base.

Ginger in aromatherapy has a multitude of uses. Ginger is a rhizome of the Zingiber Officinale plant originally cultivated in China. Ginger contains up to 3 percent of essential oil sesquiterpenoids, one of the main essential oil categories generally effective for use as calming agent. The scent of ginger is warm, woody, sometimes spicy, depending upon the harvesting method and whether the essential oil is naturally harvested or synthetic. Ginger displays the properties of a stimulant, an expectorant, an antidepressant and an analgesic.

Because of these properties, ginger works well in symptomatic relief of arthritis, catarrh, bronchitis, sinusitis, rheumatism, poor circulation, flu, indigestion, diarrhea, exhaustion, flatulence, constipation and colic.

Ginger combines well with any of the citrus essential oils, as well as cedarwood and eucalyptus; however it has been known to irritate skin that is sensitive.

Oil of orange is one of the citrus essential oils used in aromatherapy. Orange essential oil brightens the complexion and induces sleep. It’s noted for its ability to energize and uplift the emotions, while providing soothing and encouragement. Oil of orange is helpful in easing digestive problems, especially when used as an abdominal massage oil. Orange oil is often extracted by being cold pressed rather than distillation.

By using orange ginger aromatherapy essential oils you get a synergistic benefit that is greater than the use of either product alone. The clear benefits are energy, vitality, increased circulation, and encouragement. Clear skin and reduced digestive ailments-including flatulence, indigestion abdominal cramps or constipation-are immediately apparent by using this combination of essential oils.

At the same time the energy level is increased and digestive discomfort is reduced, the user benefits from a brightened complexion, a happier mental attitude. Attitudinal adjustments mean better sleep patterns with reduced insomnia and a more restful sleep.

In choosing orange ginger aromatherapy products, it’s important to select only the highest grade essential oils in order to gain the most beneficial results.