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What is Double Helix Water

Double Helix Water© is 100 percent pure water containing large concentrations of stable water clusters. When many stable water clusters are present in water, they appear to combine into double-helix structures, similar in shape to DNA-hence the name "Double Helix Water©."

What does Double Helix Water do?

Stable water clusters found in Double Helix Water may act as the body's fundamental building blocks; a foundation for self-healing.

Studies & Research

Norman Shealy, MD. PhD, Founding President, American Holistic Medical Association.

D&Y Laboratories has taken the concept of homeopathy into the twenty-first century with the most elegant experiments to date. Their demonstration of microscopic clusters in water is groundbreaking and revolutionary!

Their purification of water, with the atmospheric purity described, places
homeopathy on a scientifically valid foundation that is equal at least to the discovery of atomic energy.

I had the privilege of testing some of the earliest clustered water and
found statistically significant improvement in basic immune function. Their more refined products are even more exciting.

Obviously further research is needed, as it has been with radiation for the past century. But we now have an equally exciting New Frontier of Science, infinitely safer and potentially radically more effective in redefining Life
and Healing.

Kudos, David and Yin! The world awaits the next step in the development of electrically and chemically pure homeopathy. Hahnemann would be as excited as I am to see the results of your work. You have made a great step forward in understanding the Secret of Life

Double Helix Water results

What do doctors and practitioners say about Double Helix Water?

"Double Helix Water is a unique product that contains stable water clusters. Stable water clusters are very important factors to wellness and treatment of various disease states for several reasons; The top two are:

1) Stable water clusters carry more oxygen, allowing for greater oxygen delivery to the cells - remember that hypoxic environments are associated with the inflammation that underlies virtually every chronic disease state;

2) Additional science behind stable water clusters demonstrates increased IgM levels - suggesting a boost in the immune system's viability and therefore, immunocompetence."

G.A.R.M. (Global Alliance for
Regenerative Medicine)

"Double Helix Water is able to regulate most of the processes in the cell membrane; since using it we understand that oxygen is getting through better, the [cell] cleansing process is more appropriate, the electrical potential [of the cell] is balanced all the time. This is helping us get about 30 percent better results when treating our patients."

Dr. Raymund Hilu M.D.

"I have patients that come in, in respiratory distress. We nebulize with Double Helix Water; within 15 to 20 minutes they are dramatically better."

Dr. Erin Leigh Connealy M.D.


Some practitioners state Double Helix Water helps support the body's natural process for cells and injured tissue that becomes inflamed, by carrying more oxygen and thus allowing for more oxygen to be delivered to the cells. Low oxygen levels are associated with the inflammation that underlies or accompanies virtually every diseased state.


Temperature is considered a reliable diagnosis for inflammation. Thermal imaging show clear changes in temperature after the use of Double Helix Water.

Reduced inflammation can positively affect any treatment program.

These images can be viewed showing the effects of Double Helix Water after only 15 minutes.

Notice that after drinking Double Helix Water, the inflamed area shows a considerable change in temperature. Results like these that speak for themselves.

"Since adding Double Helix Water to our treatment programs in our clinic, we are getting an average of 30 percent improved recovery times with our patients."

Dr. Raymund Hilu M.D.
Speaking at the US Water & Health Conference at Caltech, 2013.

"Double Helix water seems to have some kind of fundamental interaction with the immune system".

"There is a basic interaction with the self-healing mechanism of the body".

For more exact answers we need to continue our work to know why so many individuals are regaining their health by simply adding a few drops of Double Helix Water to their daily regimens".

Chief Scientist & Inventor, David L. Gann

On the Subject of Pain

Hand Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis in the hands can bring about pain and swelling. Key to reducing pain is controlling the inflammation. The anti-inflammatory effects are a vital component for pain management.

Knee Pain

Osteoarthritis in the knee can develop at any time, and it is degenerative. Proper nutrition and supplements are needed to help restore cartilage and reverse damage. Cartilage can break down over time, especially in people who lead active, athletic lifestyles. It is vital that these condititions are addressed to prevent further deterioration.

Back Pain

The synovial joints located in the spine are targeted as a prime cause for a large majority of the population's lower back pains. In particular, the zygapophysial joints present in your spine tend to exhaust with age and often result in facet joint arthritis. Proper treatement and supplements are needed to provide the relief you need.

Foot Pain

Feet, having 33 joints alone, are unquestionably susceptible to osteoarthritis. This degenerative joint disease can cause discomfort and pain ranging from stiffness to uncontrollable swelling. These issues can often lead to impaired walking, and decreased mobility severely limiting one in ones daily routine as well as making the activities one enjoys difficult if not impossible. You need relief from these situations to allow you to do the things you want to do.

Elbow Pain

Temporary aches and pains from time to time for reasons not immediately apparent are normal, and will usually go away on their own. But tendonitis and other recurring problems can be an entirely different story. Our joints and connective tissue can break down and potentially degenerate if left untreated.

Neck Pain

Neck pains, referred to by practitioners as cervicalgia, are common issues. Neck pain (cervicalgia) is frequently the result of agitated joints in your neck or upper back.

Common causes for these pains can vary in seriousness from the source being stress or over-use to whiplash or pinched nerves.

Proper attention to distressed areas, combined with a daily regimen of Double Helix Water and Double Helix Water cream, can help you overcome pain and may allow you to return to previous levels of activity.



I've been using Double Helix Water now for over three years, and I drink it every day. Now, I'm not an example of a really sick person who got well (though I know people personally who have had that experience from this water).

I'm more an example of what might happen to a basically healthy person who gets healthier.

The first thing I noticed was an increase of energy; then I noticed that if I started to get a cold or didn't feel well, I soon felt better, faster than previously. I noticed that my joints don't ache.

I've recovered much faster than expected from a sprained wrist, a chemical burn, and over-exercise, and some of my hair is coming in darker.

Headaches are very few and far between and they don't last long.

I'm 67, but I seem to have great stamina, just not getting "tired" like I used to.

I'm healthier now than when I first started using Double Helix Water, but I'm 3 years older. I highly recommend that one try the water, but be sure to notice what changes, for it can be subtle, slow and steady. Observation is key.



I am a personal trainer that has 3.5 years of experience under my belt. When I was introduced to double helix water I had no idea what would happen, in fact I was skeptical that a form of water would even do anything.

The first week I didn't see a change but as with most supplements it takes time to see results.

After the second week I really didn't notice much either but the third week really changed my mind.

I have had pain in my elbow from a previous injury due to performing skull crushers ( an exercise for triceps).

I had to completely cut them out of my arm routine. I decided to put the theory of this double helix to the test and put it back in my routine.

To my surprise there was almost no pain in my elbow. I am one to push myself to my absolute limits, and then some, so keeping the pain to a minimum is a must.

Now instead of an excruciating pain, I can go through a whole are work out no problem.

David Oquendo


I started taking the drops and exercise regularly and noticed my energy levels and endurance increase. I ran out of the drops and noticed energy levels returning to what they had been before starting the drops. I have also given the drops to my mother who also noticed higher energy levels and almost immediate relief of sinus congestion brought on from allergies.

Alfredo S.


Was not sure what to expect or how soon but this works. I read the online reviews was not sure about buying it, am very glad I did. You can see the benefits from this the first week, less inflammation and less water weight. More comfortable feeling in swollen hands & feet with continued use. I will buy this again.



It had been feeling so weak and tired all the time, I made appointment to see my doctor. Then, My son asked me to try what he had been using that helped him. I was so desperate, and when I saw i only required drinking water, I agreed. Never expecting anothing. But within a few days, I started felling better, and better. I can do things I had not done in months. I feel like my old self again. Thanks to miracle water, Helix.

Adeline Bencriscutto


I did feel a faster recovery after my workout and more energetic. It also helped with my back inflammation. This is day 3 so far and I'm loving it.

Lia , February 19, 2015


Thermal imaging is used to detect inflamation in patients afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis in the hands. Key to reducing pain and managing rhematoid arthritis is controlling the inflammation.

These thermal images clearly demonstrate the reduction of temperature associated with inflamation in the patients hands.

These images were taken under clinical conditions and show the effects created by Double Helix Water in the inflamed and painful areas of the patient.

Thousands of thermal images have been taken on hundreds of patients over the years of research.