The subject of “hypermiling” (techniques to reduce fuel consumption and combat high gas prices) has become increasingly discussed, promoted, and debated in the online world.

Hypermiling techniques are methods of reducing your vehicle’s fuel consumption while driving and saving money on gasoline.  Obviously these techniques are becoming more broadly applied (and contested) as gas prices soar and people and businesses are affected throughout the nation.

Here is an interesting post on the subject of hypermiling which I found throughout the blogosphere, and which bears attention:

Hypermiling Warnings

While many hypermiling techniques constitute safer driving practices, proper care of one’s vehicle, lifestyle changes, and common sense, there are other techniques which are referred to (incorrectly in my opinion) as “hypermiling.”

Some of the dangerous driving methods which have been used to “get better gas mileage” are as follows

Unsafe Driving Practices to Stay Away From

1.  Coasting in neutral in such a way as that one can lose control of the car easily

2.  Over-inflating tires.  This gives you less traction on the road and makes it more difficult to control your vehicle.  It also wears out your tires faster.  In order to get better gas mileage, you should insure your vehicle’s tires are inflated properly and sufficiently – but not beyond what the manufacturer recommends.

3.  Tailgating.  This is dangerous and illegal.  It puts your vehicle and lives at risk.  Is that worth saving a bit of money on gas?  There are other hypermiling techniques which are safe.  Use those.

4.  Rolling through stop signs

5.  Driving under the speed limit.  Illegal and dangerous.

Safe Practices

Some of the safe practices recommended are to inflate your tires properly (not underdone or overdone), and to try not to brake or accelerate swiftly, and to use cruise control where possible.

And in fact, some hypermiling techniques are not only common sense, but are safer driving practices.  Such as not speeding around town wildly accelerating and slamming on the brakes.  This is not only a waste of fuel, it is also dangerous.

There are numerous hypermiling techniques which are not unsafe.  Use those.