Because of their wide variety of health benefits and uses, MSM supplements may need to be taken differently, from one individual to another. It is up to you to find the correct dosage and type of supplement to best benefit the individual needs of your body.  

MSM Supplement PowderAlways Read the Label

The most important factor when choosing any health supplement is its list of ingredients. Many companies add fillers, chemicals, and preservatives that may not be beneficial or easily digested in your system. MSM, especially, breaks down easily when exposed to any type of pressure or preservative, so it is very important to take it only in its purest form. Make sure the label lists only pure methyl sulfonyl methane in the ingredients.

MSM Powder

One way to consume methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) is to add it, in a loose powder form, to water or another beverage. It will dissolve in the liquid and can be consumed anytime within a twelve-hour period. This method is encouraged for those who are taking larger doses of MSM. Someone with severe arthritis, for example, may be taking over 10 grams of methyl sulfonyl methane daily to relieve their symptoms. In cases such as these, one would need to take over five tablets to match the equivalent dose of MSM powder. It’s simply more cost-effective in this scenario to purchase methyl sulfonyl methane powder in bulk, such as Rich’s Two-Pound Container of MSM Powder.

Tablets and Capsules

Methyl sulfonyl methane supplements are also offered in both tablet and capsule form. Once again, the difference is in the dosage. Since tablets are pressed and condensed, they generally contain a higher concentration of MSM per unit. Tablets contain up to 1200 mg of methyl sulfonyl methane, while most capsules provide about 500 mg per unit. You can choose which kind is more convenient for you based on the dose of MSM you’d like to take each day, and on which form you prefer.

Topical Solutions

While taking a methyl sulfonyl methane supplement can be great for your skin, it can also be applied topically for a more immediate effect. Rich’s Distributing has formulated an MSM lotion for sensitive skin that can be applied directly to fight scars and signs of aging. Methyl sulfonyl methane has also been shown to improve production of collagen and elastin, which are vital to maintaining healthy skin. Living Clean offers the following methyl sulfonyl methane skin products:

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