The skin, like any other part of your body, is an interdependent organ that works with many other systems to stay healthy. Good blood flow is necessary to deliver oxygen to skin cells, while a healthy diet and digestive system provide the skin with the many vital nutrients it requires. The best way to approach skin treatment is to look at the body as a whole unit of many dependent parts. This is why holistic skin treatments, such as those infused with Double Helix Water or medicinal herbs, are usually the most effective.

Woman Receiving Holistic Skin CareHolistic Skin Care: How it Works

Holistic medicine is focused on improving the health of the overall body naturally, without invasive treatments or dangerous side effects. Meridian theory, for example, studies how each part of the body is connected to the others, as well as the qi energy and pathways that connect them. By improving the flow of qi energy, the health of the entire body can be improved. Some holistic remedies, like acupuncture, concentrate on certain acupoints along meridian pathways, to focus qi energy in specific areas. This is one way that acupuncturists have been treating the health and beauty of the skin for thousands of years.

Double Helix Water, also known as stable water clusters, has been shown to have an astounding positive effect on the meridian system, much like that of acupuncture. In studies, Double Helix Water can provide similar restorative and healing effects to those of acupuncture, making it a great method for improving the flow of qi to the skin and throughout the body. One way to take advantage of this is to drink stable water clusters for overall improvement, but you can also apply it topically to focus the effects on certain areas and acupoints.

Double Helix Cream with Rooibos & Shea Butter

Experts at Ultra Pure Botanicals have harnessed the power of stable water clusters and combined them with therapeutic herbs to formulate Double Helix Cream with Rooibos and Shea Butter. This cream can improve the health and appearance of skin in two ways – by improving the flow of qi energy to the skin and by applying the restorative benefits of several other effective ingredients:

  • Rooibos tea is packed with several times the amount of antioxidants contained in green tea. This herbal infusion helps to prevent the aging of skin cells as it neutralizes damaging free radicals.
  • Shea butter provides skin with essential vitamins and fatty acids that stimulate collagen production and skin renewal.
  • Jojoba oil has been shown to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles deep in the epidermal layer.
  • Evening primrose oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which help restore healthy skin tone and texture, as well as to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Aloe is a soothing agent that penetrates several layers into the skin, helping to deliver nutrients deep down.

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