Summer is almost over, but your weight loss plan doesn’t have to be. Soon, autumn will set in and with it comes comfort food, family visits, and less time spent outdoors. Get a head start on autumn fitness woes by ramping up your weight loss routine now. Of course, your health comes first, so find slimming solutions that boost your health, such as the all-natural herbal remedies below.

herbal remediesGreen Tea Leaves

In cultures where green tea is part of the daily routine, obesity rates are noticeably lower. Although there may be many health factors that contribute to this fact, there is no denying that drinking green tea or consuming green tea leaf extracts may have a wide range of health benefits, including weight loss.

Evidence-based research shows that green tea leaves may be able to provide the following weight loss benefits:

  • Enhanced metabolic rate
  • Mildly suppressed appetite
  • Increased rate at which the body burns fat


Another secret of Asian cultures is kelp, a nutritious type of seaweed that can boost antioxidant levels as well as promote weight loss. Kelp may be able to block fat absorption from foods by up to 70%. This could be very beneficial in weight loss plans! Some holistic practitioners are now prescribing dried kelp and natural kelp supplements to combat health problems caused by obesity.


Flaxseed is derived from the flax plant, one of the world’s oldest non-grain crops. Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, flax is packed with a variety of micro and macro nutrients, such as protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Besides its benefits for heart health and possibly cancer prevention, flaxseed can also assist in weight loss efforts because:

  • Flaxseed contains unusually high levels of protein and fiber, both of which help the stomach to feel fuller longer, discouraging overeating.
  • It is a natural thermogenic compound, helping the body to burn fat.
  • Flaxseed is an excellent source of lignans, which can boost the metabolism and lower glucose levels.

This herbal seed may be consumed raw, but is thought to be absorbed better when ground into a powder or taken in a natural supplement form.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is famous for its topical use as a soothing and healing gel for scrapes and burns. The gel that’s held inside its succulent leaves can also be consumed for its healthful properties. By consuming a small amount of aloe vera gel or aloe vera extract daily, you can:

  • Support your digestive system and help your body to cleanse itself of toxins
  • Reduce bloat and water retention
  • Boost metabolism

It is suggested to not consume more than the equivalent of one teaspoon of aloe vera gel daily, whether you choose to take it fresh or as a diluted juice or an extract.


Surprise! Cocoa (but not necessarily chocolate) can support weight loss. In a study published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, researchers found that pure cocoa can help control weight gain and reduce glucose levels in the blood. This effect is attributed to compounds present in unprocessed cocoa called oligomeric procyanidins, which can also reduce inflammation and support heart health.

While sugar-packed milk chocolate may not help you achieve weight loss goals, dark chocolate with pure cocoa and supplements containing cocoa could be very beneficial. You can also add unprocessed cocoa to smoothies or other recipes.

Gymnema sylvestre

Gymnema sylvestre is an herbal remedy found in the tropical forests of India and Asia; its name in Hindi literally means “sugar destroyer”. That’s because the gymnema plant has the unique ability to block sugar absorption and reduce sugar cravings. The herb can also reduce appetite and normalize blood sugar levels.

Although it can be taken as a tea, gymnema is generally consumed in powder or tablet form.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has long been touted for its weight loss benefits, and with good reason. This common household spice has a range of fitness-enhancing actions:

  • Helps burn fat and calories faster
  • Mildly suppresses appetite
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases circulation

Natural cayenne pepper may be added to liquids or foods, or taken in powder or tablet form.

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Any of the herbal remedies above can be included in a healthy diet and exercise plan to promote your weight loss regimen. You can also find them included in all-natural fitness supplements by Truly Huge Supplements, such as this Herbal Fat Melter or the Get Lean Quick program.

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