Hello Everyone! I was really excited when I was invited to do a guest post on this blog! It is a big honor to be given this opportunity. It is a great pleasure informing you about the important topic I have chosen. As an American citizen, I am concerned for our country and our world. As the owner of Wiki World Issues.com I am actively trying to get people to see the issues, understand them, and then do something about them. So with that vision in mind, I am going to use this unique opportunity to the best of my ability.

Cars. Everybody uses them. GMC, Subaru, Honda, Ford. Everyday people use them to get to work and school, dates and dinners, parties and proms. They have to be constantly given fuel to keep them going, but gas prices are rising along with the demand for it. But gas prices are rising at a faster rate than what people think. As of today, the current national average for regular is $4.10; compare that to exactly a year ago when gas prices were $2.95. Exactly a month ago they were $3.98. Gas prices are rising at an average of half a cent a day. So what do we do about this ever increasing need/problem? Well…one thing among several things to do is switch fuel sources.

Many people think they can’t switch from their regular habits because it would be expensive or inconvenient. But little do they know; most things that are better for the environment are also better for their wallet, including alternative fuel sources. Some of the developing alternative fuel sources are electricity, fuel cell, and non-fossil natural gas. Hybrid is another option but not quite as good. I would not consider converting your car until more is known about the subjects of alternative fuels. The links provided would be a good thing to do research in, but as I said, don’t convert yet. Not enough is known.

GM understands the issues at hand with gas prices and the environment, so they are going to introduce a new electric sports car to compel people to buy it. Electric?! Sports car?! What?! Yes…it sounds bizarre but it is predicted to be a hit! The car is called the Volt. It comes out in 2010 so you will have a little bit of a wait. While you are waiting for the volt to come out you should do a little research on it, so here is a link: http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=volt+sports+car&ei=utf-8&fr=b2ie7. Another electric sports car that is already on the market it the Tesla Roadster. You may buy this for $109,000. It is a “SWEET” car by some peoples standards, and “The best car in existence because it costs less than 2 cents a mile!” by others’. The only downside about the Tesla Roadster is the fact that if you don’t live in Chicago, Seattle, New York, or Miami, you probably will have to pay a pretty penny to get it serviced.

I keep saying to be better to the environment but have not told you what is so bad that we are doing. Driving cars is part of what is causing global warming. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy that something as simple as driving is causing a huge crisis. But it is. It is one of the many things that are causing it. You see cars burn gas to create energy to power the car. And we all know that fire burns oxygen as well, so the car emits carbon dioxide. This therefore rises into our atmosphere and stays there. Infrared beams travel from the sun and then hit our earth and the earth absorbs them. This heats the earth just enough to sustain life. The beams will eventually come off the earth again in the form of radiation. There are greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that let enough radiation escape, and capture enough radiation and send it back down to earth to make the earth’s atmosphere like a blanket. This keeps the earth at a constant average global temperature of 60° F. We have more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than we need, so instead of acting like a blanket the carbon dioxide is acting like a winter coat in the Bahamas. And we are adding warm layers all the time.

There are more things you can do than wait to convert to be green and save money. Click here for tips on being greener and saving money in the process of helping the earth.

To sum all this up: being good to the environment hardly ever means being bad to your budget. It is quite the contrary actually. The best way to help stop global warming is to change fuel sources and do a few other things that you can learn about on my site. So here is an even briefer summary: if you are fed up with high gas prices, be clean, be green, save, and rejoice!

Thank You for letting me do this guest post,


References I used in this post are my website, of course, and my own knowledge, of course again.