NOW Foods has several multi-purpose oils for health-conscious people looking for high-quality, affordable, and natural products. NOW products never contain harsh chemicals or other synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to the body. Thus, these products can be a safer source of cosmetics, extracts, carrier oils, essential oils, and other supplements. Below are some examples of NOW Foods products that could prove wonderful additions to your home health regimen.

NOW Foods Jojoba Oil

NOW Foods Jojoba Oil is extracted from seeds of the jojoba shrub. Currently, it is one of the most popular cosmetic oils for use in baths and massages. Nutritional compounds like fatty alcohols and a long chain of essential fatty acids make the oil a restorative treatment for all hair and skin types.

Now Foods Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil from NOW Foods is 100% pure oil for use in salads, cosmetics, and cooking. One of its defining properties is a high cooking flash point, which is about 160 degrees Celsius, or 320 degrees Fahrenheit. For cooking purposes, it can be used as replacement for regular cooking oils or salad dressings. Additionally, this multi-purpose oil is composed of various fatty acids, which makes it nutritious for the skin. For external use, it can be applied to the skin during massages or used as a carrier oil with essential oils for treating skin conditions, cellulite, and so on.

Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil from NOW Foods is all-natural and contains no synthetic ingredients. Sweet Almond Oil is made from pressed almonds and is ideal for reviving and moisturizing the skin. Since it is easily absorbed and doesn’t clog the pores, Sweet Almond Oil can be used daily on the entire body for softer, clearer, healthier skin.

NOW Foods Vegetable Glycerine

NOW Foods Vegetable Glycerine is an excellent skin moisturizer and cleanser derived from non-GMO palm or vegetable oil. It is hypoallergenic and soluble in water, making it ideal to use for cosmetic applications. Another advantage of this product is its long shelf life.

NOW Solutions Castor Oil, 100% Pure

Castor oil is odorless and tasteless. It is known as a natural skin emollient and can help keep skin and hair healthy. Pure castor oil is an active ingredient in many beauty and health products.

Now Foods Organic Lemon Oil 100% Pure

NOW Foods Lemon Oil is a moisturizing oil that nourishes and promotes healthy skin. This product is intended for aromatherapy use only. For other uses, carefully dilute the lemon oil with a carrier oil – like almond oil or jojoba oil – before use. It is excellent for reviving any type of skin.