Solar hot water systems can provide your home with free hot water.  There are kits on the market that are much cheaper than outsourcing the job to a professional contractor.  You can choose from various pre-built solar hot water kits that would be suitable for your location.

Each pre-build solar hot water kit comes with a detailed manual to help you incorporate the kit to your existing water tank.  Kits make it easier for you than building an entire system from scratch.  Depending on where you live, here are two solar hot water kits you can choose from.

Cool climate solar hot water kits are for areas that experience freezing temperatures.  It is a closed-loop system where a non-toxic, freeze-resistant fluid transports heat from the solar collectors.  This process prevents clogged pipes on cold winter nights.  Enjoy hot showers anytime of the day.  Areas where the water is hard can also benefit from a closed-loop installation because it prevents scaling in the pipes.

A cool climate pre-build solar hot water system is efficient and reliable throughout the year.  It comes with a pump that automatically activates when the heat is sufficient in the solar collectors.  The transfer fluid will then circulate through the solar collectors and into the heat exchangers, which transfers the heat into the water tank.  Then the transfer fluid is pumped back into the solar collectors.  The loop will not end as long as there’s heat in the solar collectors.  When there’s no heat left, the pump will shut off.

For locations where freezing temperatures are unlikely, a warm climate pre-build solar water kit is the right choice.  This is an open-loop system where the water flows from the solar collectors.  This type of system is simple and inexpensive.

Warm climate pre-built solar hot water systems contain few components, so even inexperienced DIYers will find them easy to build.  You can incorporate one to an existing water tank without encountering problems.  This system can handle temperatures as low as 40 F.

You can find pre-built solar hot water kits at hardware stores, Home Depot and online.  Be sure to check what type of kit is best for your climate so you can get more energy from the sun.