Like so many bodily processes, our digestive system can deteriorate over time, making it more difficult to process certain foods. If your digestion seems more sluggish and clogged than it used to be, a simple fruit enzyme may be all you need to smooth it out.

papain for digestionThe Papaya’s Little Secret

Papain is a a powerful digestive enzyme found and extracted from the papaya fruit. The enzyme has been shown to greatly improve the breakdown and digestion of tough protein fibers. Hard-to-digest proteins like those found in meats will be much easier to digest with a little help from papain. Even better, this process can increase the nutrient absorption of protein-based foods. That’s not all, however; papain can also:

  • Loosen necrotic, encrusted waste material from intestinal walls
  • Destroy toxins and neutralize damaging free radicals with powerful antioxidant activity
  • Improve healing of ulcers as well as superficial burns, irritations, and wounds
  • Support the immune system
  • Reduce the pain and swelling from injuries or from the inflammation of joints in arthritis
  • Discourage the proliferation of harmful bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms

How to Use Papain

Depending on the application, papain can be used in several ways. In some traditional communities, poultices are made from papaya skins and applied to superficial woulds to improve healing. For digestive purposes, it is advised to take an all-natural supplement prepared from papaya skins and leaves, like this Papain supplement by the Dr. Clark Research Association.

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