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D&Y Laboratories is the world’s leading R&D laboratory in hydro-nanotechnology and is the holder of the patents in this field.

The Discovery of Stable Water Clusters

Over 20 years of research and the lab’s unique approach to biochemistry has resulted in the discovery, and patented manufacturing process, of stable water clusters.

D&Y Laboratories modernizes scientific approaches by uniting theoretical physics with fundamental chemistry and biochemistry, investigating the molecular characteristics of H2O and employing new technologies to redefine our assumptions about water and its interactions with the world around us. It is this fundamental research and development that has paved the way to better health with hydro-nanotechnology.

Over the last twenty years, the advent of atomic force microscopy has provided a window into the nano-scale world. Stable water clusters, the centerpiece of our hydro-nanotechnology, exists as a particle only a fraction of the size of a human hair, and this powerful microscopy was required to even begin researching its properties. Since then, D&Y Laboratories has pioneered research techniques and applications for this particle.

Double Helical Structures seen under an Atomic Force Microscope

This fundamental discovery began with such a basic molecule, water, and offers a wide array of applications. One of the fields of application is biochemistry, which covers the chemical make-up of life. This discovery begins with one of the most startling features of one type of stable water cluster: It can form an arrangement with other clusters to make double helical structures, much like the twist seen in the shape of that essential source of life, DNA.

Is this a coincidence? After all, the existence of water precedes life itself. One could almost ask, “Does DNA mimic this property of water, the ability to form double helix structures under exact conditions?”

Health Benefits of Double Helix Water

Current efforts are focused on the possible health benefits of this type of hydro-nanotechnology. So far these have produced promising results. Because of this and because of the shape it takes, it has been appropriately named “Double Helix Water.”

Double Helix Water is entirely “orthomolecular,” natural to the human body. Though it is still in its infant stages, it is already used in treatment by hundreds of practitioners around the world and by a wide range of MDs and integrative and holistic practitioners.

While more research is needed to fully document all benefits imparted by Double Helix Water, we do know that it is entirely natural, probably the most natural and pure product available on the market today.

Life needs water and this is apparent by the many satisfied users who attribute their recovery to Double Helix Water.

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