Composting has various advantages, one of which is keeping garbage out of the dumps. Composing decreases the amount of garbage bags that you send to the landfill. Not only that, a compost pile provides fertilizer for your garden and lawn. It doesn’t just provide environmental benefits, composting can also bring financial benefits in the long run.

Composting can provide lots of benefits for one’s garden and home. Starting a compost pile is easy. There’s no need for any special skills to create one. After putting waste in the compost pile, the decomposing food will do the work for you. Plus it doesn’t cost a lot to get one started. You just need to purchase a compost bin or make one yourself.

When you compost, you’ll decrease the amount of kitchen garbage in your home. Imagine how much garbage would be reduced in the city dumps if more people start composting. Landfills and dumps would be empty in no time. Plus, when a significant number of people in the community start their compost pile, garbage costs will decrease. The savings could be passed on to the members of the community through lower property taxes.

Your kitchen would smell better as well. Vegetable and fruit peelings would be placed in the compost bin instead of going to the trash bin. You wouldn’t have any decomposing odors smelling up your kitchen. The composted scraps would turn into rich fertilizer that can be used to improve the garden. That means you don’t need to buy fertilizer anymore.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, composting can decrease the amount of toxins in the soil. Composted soil also makes the regeneration of soil faster. It prevents the spread of contaminants into nearby plants and water sources as well.

Because of the decrease in the amount of garbage in the landfills, it decreases pollution. It reduces the amount of methane in the area. Compost would also decrease erosion when properly placed. Plus, it promotes healthy growth. Trees, soils, and plants in the areas with compost are healthier compared to those without. Other advantages of composting include the prevention of global warming, decreased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, decreased water pollution, and managed storm water.

Composting is a small step in making the planet clean and green. Hopefully more people will take control of their garbage and start composting. It would be a big help not just for one’s home but for the entire world.