Which Companies Are Best for the Environment?

The goal of alternative energy is to create a sustainable way of powering our future. New technologies are being developed each year that get us closer to that goal. While these next-generation technologies are in development, some companies are taking proactive steps to be as sustainable as possible, given the current state of energy production and consumption.

GoodGuide.com is a new website that rates products and companies on their environmental, health and social impacts. Using over 200 data points, their scientists create 0-10 ratings on the sustainability of over 62,000 products. Some of these data points focus on environmental impact and energy use. A few examples:

Best Companies on Emissions Reduction – A list of companies best rated for monitoring their own emission reduction efforts, publicly sharing the results, and conducting regular audits of their programs. Some of the leading companies are drug companies like GlaxoSmithKline, personal care manufacturer Unilever, and yogurt producer Stonyfield Farms.

Best Companies on Environmental Audit – This list, of companies who allow outside environmental audits of their facilities, features a trio of yogurt producers: Stonyfield Farms again, Brown Cow Farm and the Dannon Company.

Data is available on specific chemical emissions as well:

Best Companies on Reducing SOx and NOx – Companies committed to reducing or phasing out sulphur oxide or nitrogen oxide emissions include big pharmaceuticals and health related companies like Mead Johnson, Novartis and CIBA vision.

In addition to specific policies, general commitment towards sustainability is rated:

Worst Companies for Habitat Conservation – A list of companies without or with poor biodiversity or habitat conservation policies. Well-known companies include La Brea bakery, Energizer, and Playtex.

While technology brings the mainstream adoption of alternative energy closer and closer, consumers can determine which companies are already committed to sustainable environmental practice, and thus perhaps predict which companies will embrace that new technology in the future.

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  1. solarglobalgreen December 10, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    While this is a great method for monitoring sustainability performance the real change will only come if there are financial incentives to cut carbon emissions and utilize renewable energy sources such as solar.

  2. Hari Batti December 6, 2009 at 6:22 am

    I’m from Delhi and am always looking for interesting Green blogs. Glad to find you here. Last week was the 25th Anniversary of the Bhopal Chemical Disaster. Students for Bhopal have a good list of things you can still do, including places you can send e-mails to protest the way victims continue to be treated 25 years later: http://www.studentsforbhopal.org/?q=node/60

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