On September 4, 2014, the Aware Show broadcast an interview with William Tucker, vice-president of D & Y Labs, on his research into the subjects of water and stable water clusters.

William Tucker of D&Y Labs

William Tucker, Vice President of D&Y Laboratories, Inc.

William Tucker

Vice President of D&Y Laboratories, where Double Helix Water is manufactured.

D&Y Laboratories is a private research facility. Over the past 15 years, D&Y Labs has conducted research into the characteristics of water. One of D&Y Labs’ major breakthroughs was the discovery of the stable water cluster – a previously unknown microscopic particle of water, which is solid at room temperature.

The stable water cluster possesses remarkable qualities that have been discovered to be highly beneficial to health.

Stable water clusters are used by practitioners around the world to address a variety of physical problems including cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and autism.