One of the unique experiences you will find in top quality day spas is aromatherapy wraps. Imagine being warmed and soothed by a special blanket impregnated with herbs and essential oils while listening to relaxing music. Aromatherapy wraps provide just the right level of warmth and comfort for your entire body. As you breathe deeply of the aromatic compounds, the sensors of your brain release just the right chemical compounds into your bloodstream so you have a complete relaxation experience.

Meanwhile the aromatherapy wraps provide warmth for muscles which may be tired or over stressed due to tension or to physical labor.

Some of the products used in spa aromatherapy wraps are also available at home. These packs are first heated slightly in a microwave, and then placed over the affected body part. Some of the essentials oils used in aromatherapy wraps include various mixtures of:

Cinnamon – provides energy and vitality when you’re feeling fatigues. It rejuvenates and perks up a blah day.

Spearmint – good for aiding concentration and providing focus when you need to finish that last task

Rosemary – just the thing if you need emotional healing, vitality, or renewed concentration

Lemongrass – invigorating, energizing, clears and stimulates the mind while relaxing tired muscles.

Yarrow – provides calm, soothes and relieves stress and anxiety; it also encourages restoration and rejuvenation.

All these essential oils and others as well are combined with flax seed or other seed as the heating agent for aromatherapy wraps.

In addition to blanket sized wraps you can also find neck wraps, thigh wraps, or back wraps to focus on the precise area that needs attention.

Sometimes a client’s aromatherapy massage uses a personalized combination of essential oils in a carrier oil to complete a full-body massage, followed by being wrapped in steamy, moist towels, and then placed in a cocoon like metallic blanket, in order to hold in the warmth. This aromatherapy wrap allows the client to rest for 20 minutes to half an hour while breathing in the beneficial essential oils. This treatment is not only good for the senses; it’s very good for the skin as well.

A full aromatherapy wrap is difficult to do in a home setting without the aid of a friend or partner, but you can use some of the various smaller wrap products and look forward to an aromatherapy massage or spa treatment which includes the wrap treatment.