For those who enjoy aromatherapy recipes holidays are a great time for showing off the wide range of possibilities of aromatherapy. Not only can you use the recipes to create gifts for others, you can use the aromatherapy recipes holidays scents to decorate and prepare your surroundings to reflect the holiday spirit.

Solve your holiday gift giving problems with hand-made gifts using aromatherapy products. You can create your own bath salts, liquid soaps and massage oils easily and inexpensively. When you package the finished product creatively, you have a unique and individualized gift which the recipient will be able to enjoy and use. By adding a few drops of a seductive essential oil such as ylang ylang to an aromatherapy base of jojoba oil and packaging in a decorative bottle, you have an ideal gift for someone who likes a luxurious soak in a warm to hot bath.

For a more elaborate gift, provide a decorative aromatherapy diffuser with additional essential oil in the same scent as that of the bath oil to be used while enjoying the bath. Of course, knowing your recipient’s preferred scents and styles of fragrances helps to create just the right aromatherapy bath oil.

You can add the fragrances of aromatherapy recipes holidays style to candles either to give as gifts or in your own home. If you choose one or more of the energizing and invigorating scents such as pine or cypress or perhaps combined with one of those which provide concentration such as rosemary you will freshen the air in your home, provide mild antiseptic qualities to help prevent that attack of winter flu or colds during the holiday season, and increase your ability to focus on the myriad of details which must be done to prepare for the festivities.

Use diffusers, a few drops on a light bulb or radiator, candles or just a drop on the stockings hung from the mantle to accessorize the air in your home for the holidays.

Another thoughtful aromatherapy recipes holidays gift is a hand-prepared book of your favorite recipes for aromatherapy. These should be tried and true recipes, perhaps even attached to one of the product results so your recipient can determine exactly how your gift was prepared and could replicate the results if desired.

One other great holiday gift for holiday giving is a holiday log with a single drop of essential oils per log. Only one log should be used per fire, as the essential oils are highly volatile.