Rose water is one of the most ancient cosmetic remedies; some say it was used as far back as 3500 BC for facial cleansing. Those prehistoric medicine men noticed therapeutic qualities of rose extracts that are just as effective today. When used in combination with recently-discovered Double Helix Water, rose oils can present powerful and unique curative properties.

Double Helix Rose Water Facial SprayBenefits Found in Distilled Water of Roses

The extraction of rose oils began in prehistoric times and its use has been recorded in every major civilization from ancient Rome to modern-day Middle East. The natural oils can be extracted by steeping the flower in hot water over a period of time. Once the water picks up the oils from the plant, it can be used topically to enhance skin. A few of the benefits that may be provided by the topical use of rose extracts include:

  • Gentle soothing of inflamed and irritated skin
  • Improved strength and regeneration of skin cells by antioxidants such as Vitamin C
  • The cleansing of pores and expelling of toxins from the skin, due to the mild antiseptic properties of the rose
  • Restoration of a healthy pH balance in the skin
  • Better retention of skin moisture levels
  • The calming, mood-boosting effects of aromatic rose scents 

Double Helix Water for the Skin

Double Helix Water is a recent discovery that was investigated by physicists and researchers at D &Y Laboratories. This previously-unseen phase of water, known as stable water clusters, is composed of ultra-pure water molecules that are solid at room temperature. When ingested or applied topically, these water clusters demonstrate a therapeutic effect that is remarkably similar to acupuncture. In various studies, Double Helix Water has demonstrated restorative results on the body as a whole, as well as unmatched hydrating effects on the skin. Studies suggest that the beneficial qualities of stable water clusters could stem from their relationship with the meridian system of Eastern medicine.

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