Hybrid cars are the talk of the talk these days.  They are featured every day in some major newspaper or on a television network.  Car manufacturers are churning out new hybrid models every so often, and people are lining up to get their hands on one.

So what’s with all the commotion about?

To start with, a hybrid car is a new type of vehicle which runs on both electricity and gasoline.  With the high cost of petroleum, people are looking for ways to save on their gas expenses, and this novel idea presents the perfect solution.

Hybrids could be found everywhere, including Los Angeles, which is home of several celebrity hybrid car owners.  It is in the City of the Angels where you’ll see the likes of Alec Baldwin, Bill Maher, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Di Caprio and Harrison Ford behind the wheels of hybrid cars.

What do these stars know that you don’t?  Well for one, driving a hybrid can help save the environment and can help save on gas money along the way.  Here are seven reasons on why one should consider buying a hybrid car.

1.  The smaller hybrid compacts and sedans use less fuel than cars powered by gas turbine engines.  You’ll be spending less on gas consumption.  This is not necessarily the primary reason why people are going for hybrids, as the initial cost of a hybrid car might still be considerably more than the cost of a comparable non-hybrid vehicle, and the savings on gas might not make up for the price difference unless one is doing quite a lot of driving.

2. The larger hybrid cars are powerful and perform better than many normal cars.  A hybrid is said to be able to outrun a conventional car in its class.  Not only that, their engines are efficient in using their resources.

3. Although hybrids cost more than an average car today, their prices will go down in the near future, as more manufacturers are producing hybrid cars.  Plus the buyer is entitled to federal and state incentives.  Savings will also be brought about by lower maintenance and fuel costs.

4. The hybrid’s resale value is exceptionally high.  It doesn’t depreciate like normal cars do.  You’ll be rewarded financially when the time comes that you have to sell your hybrid.

5. Driving a hybrid might be the best way to help the environment and set an example for others as well. Hybrids produce less carbon dioxide emissions and pollutants than standard cars do.

6. A hybrid car uses less gas, which means less day-to-day expenses on gasoline, and less worry about fluctuating fuel prices. You can plan a weekend trip or out-of-town vacation without having to worry too much that a change in fuel prices will drastically effect your budget when the time comes.

7. The more people drive hybrids, the less the country will be dependent on foreign oil.

These are just seven reasons to consider buying a hybrid car.  The next time you’re in the market for a car, check out the various hybrids available.  You might find one that fits your needs.