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The Stress Regulator You Never Knew Existed

Ideally, a healthy and full life would remain relatively stress-free. Unfortunately for many of us, the rigors of work and daily life amount to chronic stress and fatigue – a combination that can prove disastrous to your health. If you feel the burden of stress weighing down your mind and body, there may be a […]

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Guide to the Vitamin B Complex, Part 2

The B vitamins work together synergistically to perform a great number of essential tasks within every cell of your body. Since this complex is so important to your health, we’ll take a closer look at the properties of each individual vitamin. Vitamin B1: Thiamine Thiamine is one of the most important nutrients for synthesizing energy in the […]

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Attention Pregnant and Nursing Mothers: This is One Vitamin You Won’t Want to Miss!

During prenatal care, you will often be reminded to take in a lot of folic acid and calcium, but there is another vitamin that is is absolutely essential to healthy fetal development and to the health of breastfeeding mothers.

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Feeling Exhausted and Drained? The Reason Why May Surprise You

Although this vitamin has several very important functions, the most significant is its role in the conversion of glucose into energy. This is the energy that is used by each and every cell, organ, and body system, so a deficiency in this vitamin can have a major impact on your physical and emotional well-being.

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