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Recipe Ingredients Pecel:   * 150 grams of green beans, cut @ 2 inches * 150 grams of young spinach * 200 grams of bean sprouts or other types of vegetable * Salt according to taste   Recipe Pecel Sauce:   * 250 grams of peanuts roasted / fried, roughly chopped * 6 green chilies […]

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Chicken and Vegetables Yakitori (Japanese Style Kebab)

Ingredients: 10 oz chicken breast 2 large bell peppers 2 leeks 12 shiitake mushrooms 1 Japanese eggplant Juice from 1 lemon Few tbsp vegetable oil Yakitori glaze: 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup cooking sake 1/2 cup soy sauce 1 tbsp brown sugar Directions: Wash all ingredients and cut into cubes. Skewer the ingredients alternately on […]

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Organic Produce and Your Budget

Not too many people would actually turn down organic fruits and vegetables, saying they would rather have the kind produced at factory farms and hosed down with pesticides. No, that’s not the issue. Price is. The most important fruits and vegetables to buy or grow organic are the most toxic ones, the Dirty Dozen.

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White Roofs?

You may have heard something about “white roofs” in the news, but you may not know how they can help our planet, or a maintenance budget. Most all of the commercial buildings in the world use black roofs. Because they are black, they soak up the sun’s energy like a sponge.

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Greenhouse Kits

Establishing and utilizing a home greenhouse is an excellent way to save money on groceries, follow a healthier and more nutritious diet, conserve on energy, and help the environment at the same time. But greenhouses don’t grow on trees – they have to be built. Not all of us have a professional builder in the family, or the budget to hire a specialist.

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Wild Edibles

Image via Wikipedia There are over 20,000 wild edible plants growing in the United States and Canada. They vary by geographical area, habitat, harvest season, ease of harvest, type of food provided, preparation procedures, whether eaten raw, cooked, or as an ingredient in recipes, whether they are eaten when young or mature, taste, ease of […]

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Alternatives to Sugar

Increased consumption of sugar per person over the last century is huge.  In 1900 it was seven pounds per person per year and today the average is around 220 pounds. Directly related to the consumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates (which change to sugar in the body) are diseases such as obesity, hypoglycemia, and diabetes. […]

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Important Facts about Cabbage

Cabbage is a strong and easy to grow vegetable.  It inexpensive, and is found in almost all parts of the world. Cabbage has been known throughout the ages, both for its nutritional values, and for its medicinal values.  It has recently become recognized that it can reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer (such […]

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