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Anti-Stress Herbs: Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an ancient herbal remedy that has been popular in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Then, it was often called “the fountain of life” and was reputed to cultivate long life and wellness. While there is no evidence that the herb can make you live longer, it has been shown […]

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Kinesiology Explained by Castle Hill Chiropractor, Andrew Powell

Here’s an explanation of how kinesiology uncovers causes of stress to the nervous system Author: naturalhealthexpert

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Aromatherapy wraps

One of the unique experiences you will find in top quality day spas is aromatherapy wraps. Imagine being warmed and soothed by a special blanket impregnated with herbs and essential oils while listening to relaxing music. Aromatherapy wraps provide just the right level of warmth and comfort for your entire body. As you breathe deeply […]

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Aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles have long been a popular way to dispense the fragrant benefits of essential oils into the room. The gentle heat provided by the candle wick warms and releases the volatile compound molecules that interact with our scent receptors. This causes the brain to initiate soothing blood chemistry changes which we perceive as relaxation, […]

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Acne alternative treatments

Western drugs may give quick relief to the acne sufferer but they are not without side effects. Alternative or complementary medicine for the treatment of acne possesses similar therapeutic properties as those found in Western medicine, while having much less potential for dangerous side effects. Alternative medicine can be used either as an alternative to […]

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Causes of Acne

Today, as we open the newspapers or magazines, we find advertisements promoting various types of creams and ointments for various skin conditions. Many who try these colorful and over-promoted products have ended up with side effects more costly to deal with than what they paid for the ‘miracle cure’! In this same vein, individuals affected […]

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Medicinal Herbs

A medicinal herb is a plant, or a part of a plant, which has created a good enough effect on enough people that it has been remembered.  Its name, appearance, habitat, structure, parts, successful preparation and application, effects and side-effects have been passed down from generation to generation. Medical researchers or a pharmaceutical company might […]

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