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Can The Power of Self Healing be Harnessed in a Skin Cream?

The human body – particularly the skin – is in a constant state of regeneration and self healing. The skin sheds its oldest layers and recreates new ones in order to maintain its strength and protection, but over time, the process can break down and malfunction. This is one reason aging occurs. But what if […]

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Can You Guess Which Secret Ingredient the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Uses for Holistic Healing Practices?

The elite team of physicians, researchers, and caregivers at the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (GARM) recently added a secret weapon to their autologous stem/stromal cell and biocellular treatment protocols. If you guessed Double Helix Water, you win! GARM’s global experts have tested and acknowledged the transformative therapeutic aspects of stable water clusters.

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William Tucker of D&Y Labs

The Aware Show: Interview on Double Helix Water

On September 4, 2014, The Aware Show broadcast an interview with William Tucker, vice-president of D & Y Labs, on his research into the subjects of water and stable water clusters.

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Stable Water Clusters Study

In this video, an athlete with joint pain talks about her physical improvements after taking Double Helix Water with stable water clusters, and also using Double Helix Cream.

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Aging Backwards: A Double Helix Water Case Study

As we grow older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to cultivate a healthy mind and body. Energy levels drop, exercise feels more strenuous, and life’s daily stressors become ever heavier on our minds. If this sounds like you, it may be time to help yourself by looking into alternative health solutions, like Double Helix Water.

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Video Introduction to Double Helix Water

This video introduction describes the discovery of Double Helix Water, or stable water clusters, and the physical makeup that makes it unique. The sheer history and research behind this scientific breakthrough is astounding.

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Video: Why is it Called Double Helix Water?

Founder of D&Y Laboratories David Gann discusses why stable water clusters are called Double Helix Water, and explains their physiological makeup.

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Video: Double Helix Water and its Relation to the Meridian System

The ancient Chinese meridian system may actually be made up of electricity and energy currents that run through the body. David Gann explains this theory and how Double Helix Water might have some effect on this meridian system.

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