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Bones, Muscles, and Kidneys are all Dependent on these 3 Minerals

PH balance is not something you hear about very often from physicians or the media, but it is incredibly important to your long-term health. When the balance of acid and alkaline are disrupted, your entire body can be affected, especially the kidneys, bones, and muscles.

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Why We Like to Eat Rocks

Minerals we consume in our daily diet aren’t actually rocks, but some of them are not that different from “rocks” in a technical sense! Minerals are inorganic elements that occur naturally in our environment. A rock, on the other hand, is often a combination of multiple minerals that have been crystallized and compressed over time. […]

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Promote Bone and Heart Health with Magnesium Supplements

Some minerals are well-known for their health benefits; everyone seems to know, for instance, that calcium is good for the bones and that human blood is rich in iron. One mineral, however, is often overlooked – magnesium. Not only does this mineral play a vital role in the human body on its own; it also […]

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