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DIY Homemade Solar Panel Project

A homemade solar panel can supply power to your home appliances. By using the sun’s radiation, you can cut your monthly energy bill.

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Homemade Solar Cells Using Copper Plate and Saltwater

You can make homemade solar cells using materials purchased at a hardware store, which while not as practical as commercially varieties, can be used to teach students about solar energy.

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DIY Solar Powered Stove from Recycled Items

Even small satellite dishes can be made into a solar powered stove. If using a smaller dish, CDs might not produce the required amount of heat, so you can use stick-on mirrors instead. You can re-purpose your beaten-down satellite dish and make something environmentally friendly and economical in one fell swoop!

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Homemade Solar Batteries

It would be nice to be able to charge your batteries charge without using any conventional electrical chargers. Well, Knut Karlsen did just that. His homemade solar batteries are made out of normal rechargeable batteries, with built-in solar cells. All you need to do is to leave the batteries under the sun, and they will […]

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A Homemade Solar Window Heater

You can turn any window in your house into a homemade solar window heater. It is recommended that you use a window that’s facing south.

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Homemade Solar Cell

Making a homemade solar cell is not very practical. For one, there are inexpensive solar panels available in the market these days. You can find great bargains online. Second, making a solar cell is a very tedious process. You will spend a lot of time making one. A solar panel consists of hundreds of solar […]

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Quick and Easy Home Made Tomato Soup Recipe

Add to a saucepan: Several cups of water One small can of Tomato Paste 3 Bay Leaves Salt and Pepper to Taste Several tomatoes cut in large or small chunks, or pureed in a blender Simmer until tomatoes are soft.  You can then continue simmering the soup for hours, adding water as you go, for […]

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