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Yarrow, one of the best diaphoretic herbs, is known for helping the body during a fever. It contains flavonoids that increase both saliva and stomach acids, thus improving digestion and stimulating the appetite. As a urinary antiseptic, it can be used in the case of cystitis.  It is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and coagulant and therefore […]

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Aromatherapy books

Over the years, even during the modern era of aromatherapy extending from the 1920s when Gattefosse wrote his first definitive text, there have been hundreds of books written on the subject of aromatherapy. The level of writing ranges from scholarly tomes with detailed chemical analysis of compounds to write-ups of scientific research about the measurement […]

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Aromatherapy treatment

An aromatherapy treatment is one in which the aromatherapists uses the essential oils from plants in order to treat specific conditions. Essential oils are extracted from plants generally using steam distillation, but occasionally other extraction methods. Essential oils are different than the substances used by herbalogists in that herbal remedies concentrate the entire plant while […]

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Orange ginger aromatherapy

An orange ginger aromatherapy combination is a great pairing of scents and healing properties. Commercial preparations include Orange Ginger Aromatherapy Body Essence, Orange Ginger Volumizing Shampoo, Orange Ginger Volumizing Conditioner, Orange Ginger Body Wash, Orange Ginger Body Lotion, Orange Ginger Soy Wax Candles, Orange Ginger Aromatherapy hand soap and orange ginger aromatherapy oil. With this […]

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How does aromatherapy work

More scientific studies are being done all the time to answer the question “How does aromatherapy work?” Current thinking theorizes that every essential oil contains varying amounts of certain chemical compounds which can be broken down into categories. Each of the compounds reacts on the limbic portion of the brain (the one which controls emotions) […]

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Aromatherapy wraps

One of the unique experiences you will find in top quality day spas is aromatherapy wraps. Imagine being warmed and soothed by a special blanket impregnated with herbs and essential oils while listening to relaxing music. Aromatherapy wraps provide just the right level of warmth and comfort for your entire body. As you breathe deeply […]

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Aromatherapy bases

Aromatherapy bases are popular with people who want to be able to add their own essential oils to a product without the extra effort of preparing a base. They are the usually unscented products or lightly scented which can be the foundation and volume for various aromatherapy applications. Aromatherapy bases can be used as creams, […]

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Aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles have long been a popular way to dispense the fragrant benefits of essential oils into the room. The gentle heat provided by the candle wick warms and releases the volatile compound molecules that interact with our scent receptors. This causes the brain to initiate soothing blood chemistry changes which we perceive as relaxation, […]

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