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Two Hydrotherapy Techniques

Here’s a video by DrBenjaminLau, showing the use of two hydrotherapy techniques that can be used on people of all ages, though in the video, the patient is an adorable two-year-old. The techniques are useful for colds, coughs, congestion, sinus infections, migraine or other headaches, and indeed any condition where a better circulation of blood […]

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Kinesiology Explained by Castle Hill Chiropractor, Andrew Powell

Here’s an explanation of how kinesiology uncovers causes of stress to the nervous system Author: naturalhealthexpert

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Dandelion is a bitter tonic that’s known for its detoxifying effects. It helps eliminate toxins, pollutants and wastes from the kidney and liver. Blood and tissues are cleansed in the process. The bitter root and leaves also help the digestive system. Dandelion may be used in the treatment of liver diseases, such as hepatitis and […]

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Peppermint is a cross between spearmint and water mint. People are familiar with peppermint because of its menthol flavoring, which is used for candies, teas, and chewing gum. Mint also makes your mouth feel cool because menthol activates cold receptors in our tissues. Less known is that it can also be used to aid people […]

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Natural Antibiotics

“Antibiotic” is a confusing label. “Anti” means “against” and “biotic” means “life.”  Pharmaceutical antibiotics such as penicillin or tetracycline are active against the life of some bacteria (only some, since many strains of bacteria have learned to survive around these substances).  They are not active against viruses. They are active against the beneficial bacteria that […]

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Organic Food: Advantages

Is Organic Really Better? Is organically grown food really healthier for you than conventionally grown produce? The debate has been raging on since the 1950s as to whether or not organically grown produce is actually better for you than crops from the larger, pesticide using farms. The truth is, while some may say that the […]

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Too Little, Too Late

Sometimes we hear people say that they tried some herbs to handle a physical problem and “it didn’t work.”  Why is that?  Did they take the wrong thing? (Of course, that is always possible.) Is it tainted or contaminated? (That certainly happens in our toxic world.) Does it really not work for anyone? (Unlikely, or […]

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Water and Good Health

by Helder Luis Water is the most simple element, and at the same time one of the more important elements, that we consume into our body. It is vital to everything our body does, it is fundamental to every function, and it is the most relevant element to life. One simple example of this is […]

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