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Commuting to Work with a Folding Electric Bike

New York City based Industrial designer Manuel Saez has just won two major design awards with a little guy that can solve the problem of many city dwellers, while helping them to make a better world.

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LED Christmas Lights for a Greener Holiday

One way of making your Christmas season greener is by using LED Christmas lights instead of conventional Christmas lights. They are easy to find as most stores sell LED Christmas lights if they sell Christmas lights at all. Yup, it’s beginning to look like a green Christmas for everyone.

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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Green gadgets can serve as creative and imaginative gifts – if inconventional ones. How about foldable portable cardboard speakers, or a hurricane lamp that runs on hand-crank power? If you’re looking for something innovative and environmentally friendly for this Christmas, these videos should serve to give you at least a few good ideas.

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Earth Friendly Christmas Light Organization and Storage

The Christmas Season has officially begun and it’s time for us to start thinking about eco-friendly holiday options. “Stor-Em” Christmas lights provide an eco-friendly way to store and lay out your Christmas lights – the video explains why.

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Top Five Best Selling Green Gadgets and Products

There are many new green gadgets available in the market today. Their uses are varied, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are friendly to the environment. A testament to the fact that people are buying green gadgets is the increasing amount of such items that can be found for […]

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Toyota Prius Goes Solar

One of the most popular Hybrid cars on the market is the Toyota Prius. Compact and economical, it’s starting price is listed as just $22,400, putting it within the realms of reality for the everyday, albeit environmentally-conscious, individual. The third generation of Toyota Prius, the 2010 model, has EPA ratings of 51 mpg in the […]

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