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12 Common Labels: What do they mean?

Image by nikoretro via Flickr There are many ways in which one product can be more healthy than another product, for human or animal bodies or for the planet. However, some labeling can be misleading. Here are ten common labels and what they do and don’t say. All-Natural What it says: Made only from substances […]

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Ginger Tea and the Benefits of Ginger

One of my favorite drinks in the universe is Ginger Tea, particularly when mixed with Peppermint Tea. But there is a catch.  It’s not just any Ginger Tea.  I’ve tried Ginger Tea from normal health food or grocery stores and it’s been horrific in comparison. The Ginger tea I drink comes from a very special […]

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Air Fresheners? Or Air Pollutants?

There seems to be a large market for “air fresheners” these days. Most air fresheners even come with a “fresh fragrance”. But do these air fresheners really refresh the air? Frankly, No. First of all, lets look at the basics of what fresh air really is. One could define fresh air as air that is […]

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