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How is Health Lost and Regained?

A lack of general knowledge of the subjects of health and the human body leads to misconceptions, and opens the door to accepting false information.  For instance, many people believe that disease and illness are brought about by some mysterious unknown (or unavoidable) cause, and that it is just a matter of “luck” – or, […]

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The Food Industry and its Conflicts of Interest

Every food giant advertises its “delicious meals” and “high-quality food items” so that you, the consumer, will choose to buy its brand. And, true to their word, some of their food tastes pretty good. But with the globalization and centralization of food, new problems arise.

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Why Calorie Counting is Bad for Your Health

Calorie counting is probably the worst possible system that exists for maintaining weight or good health. Why?

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Hay Fever got you Down? Try this Anti-Allergy Power Combo of Supplements!

The flowers are sprouting; the birds are singing; and pollen is in the air. If you suffer from allergies and hay fever, spring may not be a welcome time of year. If pharmaceutical anti-histamines and allergy medications put your head in a fog, you may want to try a combination of all-natural supplements that fight […]

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Guide to the Vitamin B Complex, Part 2

The B vitamins work together synergistically to perform a great number of essential tasks within every cell of your body. Since this complex is so important to your health, we’ll take a closer look at the properties of each individual vitamin. Vitamin B1: Thiamine Thiamine is one of the most important nutrients for synthesizing energy in the […]

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Is the Absence of Dirt Damaging Our Health?

Within the last 100 years the human race has learned a lot about germs, pathogens, and dangerous microorganisms, but could widespread ‘germophobia’ be hurting us as much as it helps? In recent years, more and more studies are showing that the absence of germs and dirt from our lives could be harming our immune systems, […]

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If Air Pollution Makes You Feel Powerless, There May Be a Way to Protect Yourself

Sprawling cities like Los Angeles and Dallas are notorious for high levels of smog, but even towns like Tulsa, OK and Denver, CO are becoming dangerously polluted. While many of us try to reduce our carbon footprint by taking a bicycle to work or recycling, sometimes the rising danger of air pollution and toxins leaves […]

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Turn Back the Clock with a Simple Enzyme

By now, you’ve probably heard of free radicals – unstable particles that are found in the air, in our food, and in our bodies. These particles are one of the main causes of aging – inside and out – but there are ways to fortify your body against them.

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