Can You Guess Which Secret Ingredient the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Uses for Holistic Healing Practices?

The elite team of physicians, researchers, and caregivers at the Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (GARM) recently added a secret weapon to their autologous stem/stromal cell and biocellular treatment protocols. If you guessed Double Helix Water, you win! GARM’s global experts have tested and acknowledged the transformative therapeutic aspects of stable water clusters.

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Attention Pregnant and Nursing Mothers: This is One Vitamin You Won’t Want to Miss!

During prenatal care, you will often be reminded to take in a lot of folic acid and calcium, but there is another vitamin that is is absolutely essential to healthy fetal development and to the health of breastfeeding mothers.

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Feeling Exhausted and Drained? The Reason Why May Surprise You

Although this vitamin has several very important functions, the most significant is its role in the conversion of glucose into energy. This is the energy that is used by each and every cell, organ, and body system, so a deficiency in this vitamin can have a major impact on your physical and emotional well-being.

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Double Discount on Double Helix Cream this Memorial Day Weekend!

Double Helix Cream is on sale at new reduced prices – for single jars, three packs, six packs, and twelve packs. But if that’s not enough, through Memorial Day 2015, you can also get 25% off the already-discounted price!

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Memorial Day Weekend Sale! 25% off Double Helix Water

Get 25% off Double Helix Water! Enter coupon code MEMDAY2015 at checkout. Offer expires Tuesday, May 26, 2015. To purchase, please visit this link and add as many bottles to your cart as you like.  

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Support Your Fitness Routine with the Amino Acid, Carnitine!

If you’re trying to slim down and tone up, the main foundation of your routine should be a healthy diet and exercise. There are some all-natural solutions that can boost your fitness efforts. Supplementing a healthy diet with the amino acid, carnitine, has been shown to improve muscle performance and fat-burn during exercise.

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Enhancing Sexual Health through the Amino Acid, Arginine

Amino acids are responsible for a vast array of functions and biological processes within the human body, but each one excels in different areas. The amino acid arginine, for example, has become a leading natural treatment for sexual dysfunction.

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Do You Need More of the Amino Acid Ornithine?

Amino acids are the building blocks of the enzymes and proteins that help complete almost every major and minor function within the human body. In other words, they are critical to your health. Ornithine is one of twenty amino acid your body uses and is particularly useful for digestion and detoxification processes.

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