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William Tucker is the Vice President of D&Y Laboratories, a research laboratory that specializes in environmental and natural health technologies. As part of his day-to-day activities, he is in touch with hundreds of integrative health practitioners, through personal contact, symposiums, and conferences.

In his own words, “I love the fields of integrative and natural health, and consider it a real privilege to be in touch with so many different professionals. It gives me a very broad overview into the field of health. I find that just about every practitioner I talk to gives me either a broader overview, or a unique perspective, on some aspect of health. I enjoy writing about health as I have so many resources to draw from. Working at a research laboratory also gives me a different approach from most others writing in the field of health. I have to always question the information I receive; not that I am necessarily skeptical, but I have to qualify the information, and verify the facts. If you have any questions or feedback on my articles, or would like a specific subject addressed, please feel free to suggest them to me.”

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What is Complete Nutrition?

Most of us make an effort to eat what we think is a healthy meal. We really do. And those who prepare meals for the family, be they moms or dads, husbands or wives, all do their best to make it a nutritious and delicious meal.

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Misleading Food Studies

Just about every day, there is a new news article in every major newspaper’s health section, about the relative health benefit of some food substance or beverage. While these articles are interesting, they tend to lack scientific merit.

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What Makes a Good Diet?

Good health is neither mystical nor unattainable. A proper diet combined with some light daily exercise would do wonders in itself.  A “proper diet” is, however, an unclear concept.

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How is Health Lost and Regained?

A lack of general knowledge of the subjects of health and the human body leads to misconceptions, and opens the door to accepting false information.  For instance, many people believe that disease and illness are brought about by some mysterious unknown (or unavoidable) cause, and that it is just a matter of “luck” – or, […]

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The Food Industry and its Conflicts of Interest

Every food giant advertises its “delicious meals” and “high-quality food items” so that you, the consumer, will choose to buy its brand. And, true to their word, some of their food tastes pretty good. But with the globalization and centralization of food, new problems arise.

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Why Calorie Counting is Bad for Your Health

Calorie counting is probably the worst possible system that exists for maintaining weight or good health. Why?

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