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Psoriasis and Your Liver

Looking for a solution for psoriasis can be a lifelong, frustrating search for some. The reason you might feel like you are banging your head against the wall with this disorder is that it is an auto-immune disorder. That means that it is your own immune system that is fighting you. In the case of […]

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Unplug for Better Sleep

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are invisible areas of force around electricity that is flowing. If you have insomnia (can’t sleep for 6 hours at a go), EMFs that might be interfering with your sleep. It is chronic exposure that is of greatest concern when it comes to all kinds of toxic influences. Since we are […]

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Organic Produce and Your Budget

Not too many people would actually turn down organic fruits and vegetables, saying they would rather have the kind produced at factory farms and hosed down with pesticides. No, that’s not the issue. Price is. The most important fruits and vegetables to buy or grow organic are the most toxic ones, the Dirty Dozen.

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Bioremediation for Oil Spills

In oceans all over the world live microbes with a natural appetite for oil. Researchers collected microbes from all over the world and combined them in a powder form that will address almost all toxins from oil spills.

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Kelley Blue Book’s Top 10 Greenest Cars

It’s that time of year again: Kelley Blue Book has announced its top ten picks for the greenest cars of 2010.

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Electric Car Batteries Find Second Life at Wind Farms

Just when you thought you were being kind to the environment by driving an electric car, the truth is… now you’re doing even more good! The one drawback of the electric car was the environmental scourge that is the battery. While the lifetime of some matched that of the car itself, most endured general wear […]

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Cherries for Pain

6 cherries have the same effect as 1 aspirin.

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Pets and Poisonous Plants

There are numerous plant species that are poisonous plants to cats and/or dogs, as well as toxic to other pets. The results might be anything from a little tummy-ache to diarrhea to death.

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