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Healthy Alternatives to Favorite Personal Care Products

This video will teach you some of the little known (or advertised) dangers of common personal care products we use, the toxins they contain, and the consequences they can have. Better yet, you’ll see some great ideas for healthy and nontoxic alternatives.

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Ten Great Uses for Pumpkins

During October, pumpkins are abundant. Sometimes, too abundant. And it’s not uncommon to see excess pumpkins cast aside or left to rot after Halloween, but there’s really no need to let the extras go to waste.

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Malawi DIY Boy Inspires People around the World

Let us take a break from all the DIY projects for now and learn of the story of a teenager from Malawi, who harnessed the power of the wind by building windmills out of junk. At present, William Kamkwamba has high-profile fans, such as Al Gore and other business leaders, all over the world.

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Cherries for Pain

6 cherries have the same effect as 1 aspirin.

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Pets and Poisonous Plants

There are numerous plant species that are poisonous plants to cats and/or dogs, as well as toxic to other pets. The results might be anything from a little tummy-ache to diarrhea to death.

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