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Not all energy is create equal

Think that turning on the light switch translates to the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions during all hours of the day? Think again. Last Friday saw the creation of, a United Kingdom-based website that allows UK citizens to view the varying carbon intensity of their energy usage throughout the day. The site tracks […]

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IBM Corporate Responsibility Report: Being Honestly Green

At some point, we have all been critical of corporate greenwashing. It is common to hear reports of companies adopting eco-friendly technologies for good PR or to benefit from government incentives. Some of these firms dubiously publicize their production process as being ‘green’ without actually endorsing the initiatives that they promise to undertake — there […]

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EcoPlus Homes Builds Scotland’s First Sustainable Housing Venture

A conglomerate headed by EcoPlus Homes, in collaboration with Sustainable Homes Scotland, SIPS Industries and Formworks UK, has confirmed that it has finalized a site that will be home to Scotland’s first set of Zero-carbon homes. EcoPlus Homes is based in Edinburgh itself and it is focused on developing environmentally-friendly housing options. Stephen Huber, the […]

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Homemade Solar Batteries

It would be nice to be able to charge your batteries charge without using any conventional electrical chargers. Well, Knut Karlsen did just that. His homemade solar batteries are made out of normal rechargeable batteries, with built-in solar cells. All you need to do is to leave the batteries under the sun, and they will […]

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Wild Harvest Creamery

Here’s a video showing a fascinating glimpse into the life of a cheese-maker on a sustainable farm, including why she decided to make cheese.  This family farm on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State also raises animals.

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A Homemade Solar Window Heater

You can turn any window in your house into a homemade solar window heater. It is recommended that you use a window that’s facing south.

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Kinesiology Explained by Castle Hill Chiropractor, Andrew Powell

Here’s an explanation of how kinesiology uncovers causes of stress to the nervous system Author: naturalhealthexpert

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Herb Walk

Here’s a video by herbeireTV depicting dandelion, cleavers, hawthorne, meadowsweet, horsetail, plantain, and red clover, all in the field.

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