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Herbal Tea Preparation

You can use herbal teas to drink, to soak cloths for external application, or even to pour into bath water where it will be absorbed into the body through the skin. The bath method is particularly helpful for the ill, children or to provide an absorption method for bitter tasting teas.

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The Benefits Of Switching To Solar

This is to give a brief overview of the benefits of switching to a solar power system for your home.  Some people are uncertain of whether or not they should make this move, and whether it will be viable and worthwhile for them.  There is certainly an investment of time or money or both involved, […]

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Vegetarian and Low Calorie Recipes: Warnings and Advice

If you are looking for low calorie and vegetarian recipes, you probably have some interest in maintaining your health (or someone else’s health). You might want to feel better, have more energy, look younger, lose weight, or just have a better conscience regarding what is going inside your stomach. But at the same time, there […]

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Uses of Wind Turbines

Wind is a powerful source of energy which, for centuries, has been harnessed for different uses. More and more scientists and researchers consider that wind can be used effectively as a clean renewable energy source.  But this can only be done when power within the moving air is harnessed properly. The Wind Energy Industry has […]

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DIY Solar Heating for Everyday Living

The first impression people get, with regards to DIY solar heating, is that it is complicated, too expensive, or both.  This is the primary reason why many people don’t pursue installation of solar heating in their homes.   What they often don’t know is that DIY thermal projects, such as water heating, space heating, and […]

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What Causes Cold Sores?

What causes cold sores? What are cold sores? Treatments for cold sores More information on cold sores treatments What Causes Cold Sores? The herpes simplex virus is the main cause of cold sores. There are two types of herpes simplex virus, but the main culprit for these fever blisters is Type 1. This type affects […]

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Cold Sores – Treatment & Remedies

There are several cold sore treatments which have been suggested for those suffering from the malady. And there are several methods and products you can try.

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75% Decrease of “Antipsychotic” Drugging of Young Children in Florida

“Anti-psychotic” drugging of small children has decreased by 75% in the State of Florida. Apparently, a bit of extra paperwork went a long ways.

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