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Thin Film Solar Panels

What are thin film solar panels, and what could possibly be so exciting about them? Thin film solar panels operate in the same manner that regular solar panels do, the only difference being that they are a lot thinner and require far less materials and energy for construction. This might not sound extremely spectacular, but […]

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The Solar Tower

A solar tower is a device that converts solar thermal energy (heat from the sun) into electricity. Solar towers are suitable for large-scale power generation. The Basic Component Parts of a Solar Tower Energy Plant: Solar Tower – The solar tower is simply a large structure with a boiler (a tank used to heat liquids) […]

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Solar Ink

Have you ever heard of solar ink? Well, there are some really smart people out there, creating some really smart inventions, and this is one of them. There is No Energy Shortage on Earth There is no energy shortage on earth, there is a shortage in technology to harvest the energy available on earth. To […]

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Save Money with Solar Power

One way to use solar power to save money is through the use of a practice called “Net Metering.” What is Net Metering? Net Metering is the practice of consumers “selling” energy to the electricity companies when they have some form of renewable energy facility installed at their home and a surplus is created.

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Quick and Easy Home Made Tomato Soup Recipe

Add to a saucepan: Several cups of water One small can of Tomato Paste 3 Bay Leaves Salt and Pepper to Taste Several tomatoes cut in large or small chunks, or pureed in a blender Simmer until tomatoes are soft.  You can then continue simmering the soup for hours, adding water as you go, for […]

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Cravings and Health

When you find yourself craving a certain food, your body may be trying to tell you something.  If you are craving something unhealthy, this does not necessarily mean that you should go out and eat lots of that unhealthy substance.  But you might have a look at a few other factors. 1.  You might be […]

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What is CSP Solar Energy?

“CSP” stands for “Concentrated Solar Power” and refers to the type of solar power which is created by concentrating sunlight into a small area, thus creating intense light and heat which can in turn create power and electricity.  Concentrated Solar Power is one of the technologies which has been developed in order to harness the […]

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DIY Heliostat Sun Tracker Solar Power Fresnel Lens

HELIOSTAT SUN TRACKER SOLAR POWER FRESNEL LENS GREEN ENERGY This is our first attempt at a useable Heliostat for our Fresnel Lenses. In future videos I will have all the information for a DIY system using very easy to find materials. We are developing a controller that is simple to program and can control any […]

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